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The Ranking of Holiday Rentals
The aim of the ranking system is to improve the general  quality of the available lodgings and to harmonise the services on offer from one lodging to the next.

The 2010 standards favour the readability and reliability of the holiday accomodation on offer at both a national and international level

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Please find below the reference table for rankings of all categories
The Practical Guide for the Owner of a Holiday Accomodation

The practical guide for the renter of a holiday accomodation was prepared by the UDITSI of  Haute Savoie, intended for the Haute Savoie tourist offices and the owners of holiday accomodation.

In this document you will find useful information to know when you begin your activity as an owner of a holiday accomodation (what it involves, the financial aspects, how to prepare a rental contract...)

How to Become Ranked as a Rental Accomodation?
You will find below all the necessary documents for requesting a ranking for your holiday rental accomodation:

-The ranking guide (diverse information on the advantages of the ranking system, how to create your ranking, how the visit is undertaken...)

-The request for a ranking for Holiday Rental Accomodation

-The check list for determining the category of ranking to request

You can equally request these documents simply by giving us a call on 04 50 44 92 44 or a mail to * *

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After the Visit

Now that your rental accomodation has received its ranking :  a guarantee of quality for your customers both at the national and international level.

You have received the ranking decision for your rental accomodation, which conforms to the law of the 7^th May 2012 which modifies the law of 2^nd August 2010 establishing the standards as well as the ranking system for Holiday Accomodation.

Here are the compulsory stages to follow:

Inform the local town hall (mairie) of the ranking with the help of a form from the CERFA n°14004*02 *"Déclaration en mairie des meublés de tourisme"*,

Fill in the description so that your rental customers will be able to see the appropriate detailed information (see form below)
Déclaration_en_mairie - Taille 167Ko - Date 26/12/13 à 10:15:10
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Once the decision for the ranking has been delivered, the owner (or his legal representative) has 15 days to accept or refuse the ranking decision.

Once these 15 days have expired, and in the absence of a refusal, the ranking is established for a duration of 5 years.  (*article D.342-4 of the Code du Tourisme).*

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